If you have graduated from high school, you will generally need to submit a copy of the high school diploma, final grades and your exam results. If you are in the final year of your secondary school you will have to attach your diploma to the online application form as soon as you have received it. Prior to the final document, please use the UniversityAdmission grade transcript templates (if you haven’t graduates yet).


An academic reference (recommendation letter) in English from your teacher is also sometimes required. If you are not a student anymore, you can ask the letter of recommendation from a former teacher. You will be able to request the references using the online application form.The recommendation letter should be written in English.


A scanned copy of a passport (preferably at least two years to expiry date) also needs to be provided. Most institutions nowadays accept ID cards for EU students, but we recommend adding the copy of your passport.

Some courses may require additional documents to be attached to the application - specific instructions are given in the course description.

NB! You have to scan the original documents and attach them to the online application form. In some cases you have to send the official copies also to the university by post.