Application process

UniversityAdmission’s online application process is quick, easy and secure. You will receive a unique applicant number which allows you to access your personal application, change it, add documents and submit or start new applications any time you'd like.


There are some requirements you should keep in mind before starting with your application.

  • You will graduate from secondary school this year or have already graduated.
  • You are able to write and communicate in the language the studies are conducted in.
  • You want to study and develop yourself in a new environment. 

1. Find a programme of interest

The first thing you have to do to get started is to find a programme that interests you. You can use the course finder to go through all the different options. Next to the course listing you will also find a button to start the application.


2. Fill in and submit an online application form

In the online application form you have to submit information like your personal information and academic results. If this is your first application, you will be given a unique applicant code which enables you to log into the online systems and edit your applications at any time.

NB! After submitting your application, charges an application fee the administrative costs:

  • €20 if you are an EU citizen
  • €100 if you are a non-EU citizen


3. Language test

Language test is normally requited if you want to go to study abroad and the study language is not your native as it is important for the university to know your level on English.


UniversityAdmission’s official centres organise TESA test which is accepted by many of our partner universities. 

We advise you to check which requirements the university you are interested in has regarding the language tests. In some cases you need to do exams like CAE, IELTS or TOEFL but in other cases national English exams or TESA are accepted. The overall recommendation is to take the language test as early as possible.


4. Letter of Acceptance

After the successful completion of the previous stages, you will receive an official answer from the university you applied to. Usually there are 3 types of answers: rejected, conditionally accepted or unconditionally accepted.

Conditional Letter of Acceptance. In this case you have received a conditional letter of acceptance. Please pay attention to the conditions in the letter  because you have to fulfil them to be fully accepted. In many cases, the conditions are just formalities and rather easy to meet.

Unconditional Letter of Acceptance or just Letter of Acceptance says that you have been accepted. When you have received the letter of acceptance and your answer to the offer is positive, we recommend you to start preparing for your life abroad straight away.