About us

UniversityAdmission is an international applying portal with a choice of 5000+ full time study programmes in different universities and countries. There is no need to check any more universities’ programmes and requirements separately. Instead, you can find all the necessary information from UniversityAdmission, choose the universities and courses that are suitable for you, fill in only ONE application and the rest will be taken care of by us.


  1. We are dedicated to:
  • offering students high-quality applying solutions to universities in Europe
  • helping students to find the right course providing innovative online tools & different tests
  • making it easier for students and higher education institutions to manage applications and offers 

We believe that studying abroad is a major part of today’s higher education and together with UniversityAdmission official centres we strive to make it a reality for people around the world regardless of their ethnicity or background. We hope that our commitment will enable us to help many in their path of reaching their dreams.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to become the world’s most convenient and favourable applying solution for going to study abroad.

Our mission is to make the applying process to foreign universities as easy as possible.

Why choose UA?

  • The UniversityAdmission portal processes thousands of applications annually and is easy to use!
  • The UniversityAdmission team has more than 10 years of experience working in the education sector – this is truly our passion!
  • We have helped over 3000 people from different countries start their studies abroad. This means we have experience with different educational systems and universities and already know problems that can occur.

Our commitments

  • We are commited to making studying abroad easily reachable.
  • We are devoted to academic freedom and diversity of opinion.
  • We act according to the best practices in the field of study abroad.
  • We strive to place the interests of our applicants first, deliver high-quality academic programs and provide excellent service to our applicants and educational partners.